I had to make my first blog on my new website a tribute to Configa. For those of you who are not aware of him & are dedicated to top quality produced music not only in HipHop but a wide range of Genres, then you need to check him out.

I found his work through a mutual connection on Instagram. What started as me buying a beat from him turned into the idea of the two us producing & releasing a six track EP. I would make three tracks & do all the cuts, scratches etc, Configa would then do the other three as well as the mixing & mastering of the whole album.

This six track EP has now turned into a 10-12 track LP with crazy well-known features on every track. Configa gave me confidence in what I always wanted to do, which was make & produce music. His constant feedback on my beats being positive or negative led me to better myself every day.

Big up Configa, “The Year After” album dropping March 2021

website: configa.com
instagram: @configa

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